First Flight - NightinGael DRK-8812

Vocals and Instrumentals
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1. March of St. Timothy (Judi Morningstar) 2:58 2. Galopede 2:01 3. Planxty John Irwin(O’Carolan)3:29 4. Hewlitt (O’Carolan) 2:33 5. Tamlin Reel 4:10 MP3 6. NightinGael’s Lullaby (Dan Cox) 2:10 MP3 7. Dingle Regatta / Earthquake 3:31 8. Off to California 3:02 9. Shepherd’s Hey (arr. Linda Lowe Thompson) 3:34 10. Shining Clear March 2:06 11. Alexander’s Hornpipe 2:11 12. Brian Boru/ Planxty Maureen (trad./Rita Gunzelmann) 4:01 MP3 13. Gaelic Aire 2:37 14. Katushka 2:27 15. William Henry’s March/Esther’s Heart (Dan Cox) 4:24 16. Grandpa’s Waltz 2:18 17. Planxty George Brabazon (O’Carolan) 2:22 18. Swallowtail/Road To Lisdoonvarna 2:29 19. Rose, Rose 2:07

NightinGael Dana Alexander Hammered dulcimer, soprano recorder, spoons, vocals. Thomas Alexander Hammered dulcimer, guitar, acoustic bass guitar, tenor recorder, pennywhistle, bodhran, toy accordion, vocals. Daniel M. Cox (aka Uncle Dan Nightingael) Hammered dulcimer, guitar, vocals. Rita Gunzelmann Hammered dulcimer, guitar, shaker egg, vocals. All tunes traditional except March of St. Timothy 1985 by Judi Morningstar, NightinGael’s Lullaby, William Henry’s March and Esther’s Heart by Daniel M. Cox, and Planxty Maureen by Rita Gunzelmann. All arrangements by NightinGael except for Shepherd’s Hey, arranged by Linda Lowe Thompson. NightinGael thanks Aaron Ripley and Dynamic Recording Studios, as well as our families and friends for their support.. Dana thanks her mom for all the babysitting. Thomas thanks L.L. Zamenhof, the inventor of Esperanto and Gutenberg, the inventor of movable print. Dan dedicates William Henry’s March to the memory of his father, William H. Cox and Esther’s Heart to his mother, Esther M. Cox, and thanks his family for their enthusiasm and inspiration, Barby Holder for her encouragement, and his Renaissance companions for their great heart and wonderful spirit. Rita thanks her husband Mike, her “Sterling” friends, and dedicates Planxty Maureen to the memory of Maureen Whelehan Pelliccia. Photos by Jennifer Arend. Recorded and produced at Dynamic Recording Studios, Rochester NY.

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